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Forty three beamlines are available to carry out experiments. Please use the links below to find the beamline you require,



Information for users

user guide

Before your experiment

Information on how to prepare your visit to the ESRF

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Information concerning organisation on site

After your experiment

Information concerning your departure, the data collected, the experiment report


First stored beam

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First electrons turn in the ESRF’s Extremely Brilliant Source Storage Ring

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The mechanism of an effective antibody against HIV-1 revealed at the ESRF #WorldAIDSday

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Synchrotron XRD study of calcium carbonate precipitation using a microfluidic device

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Electrolyte-driven nanostructuring improves C-C coupling during CO2 electroreduction

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Spinodal decomposition governs the formation of the multi-scale structure of the skeletal elements of the brittle star

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