BM 14 & BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian Beamline

BM26 - DUBBLE - Dutch-Belgian beamline

The beamline is funded by the Dutch and Flemish research councils, which means that 66% of the available beam time is reserved for researchers working in Dutch or Flemish institutes (who submit a CRG proposal). The remaining 33% is available for general ESRF applicants (who submit a standard ESRF proposal).

IMPORTANT: There is no Gas Rig system available at BM14, the new Spectroscopy beamline of DUBBLE !!!

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Proposal deadlines for Dutch and Flemish researchers:
1st April and 1st October

What research is performed here?

The SAXS/WAXS beam line
SAXS-WAXS-samplechanger-700px.png is largely devoted to soft condensed matter research, although scientists from many other research fields (geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, etc.) are also regular visitors
Latest publication:   

A.H. Hofman, M. Reza, , J. Ruokolainen, G. ten Brinke, and K. Loos, (2016), “Hierarchical Layer Engineering Using Supramolecular Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers.” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. doi:10.1002/anie.201606890


The XAFS beam line
ExafsSaxsWaxs-0008.jpg (Exafs-Saxs-Waxs setup (1)) is specialised in on-line catalysis experiments but recent publications include: work on strained and relaxed CVD grown epitaxial Ge1-xSnx films, a study during cycling of Li2FeSiO4 and Li2.2Fe0.9SiO4 Li ion battery materials and a paper entitled "Co-rich ZnCoO nanoparticles embedded in wurtzite Zn1-xCoxO thin films: possible origin of superconductivity".
Latest publication:  

Olivier Schalm, Amandine Crabbé, Patrick Storme, Rita Wiesinger, Arianna Gambirasi, Eva Grieten, Pieter Tack, Stephen Bauters, Christoph Kleber, Monica Favaro, Dominique Schryvers, Laszlo Vincze, Herman Terryn, Alessandro Patelli;  “The corrosion process of sterling silver exposed to a Na2S solution: monitoring and characterizing the complex surface evolution using a multi-analytical approach” Appl. Phys. A (2016) 122: 903. doi:10.1007/s00339-016-0436-6


  • Most of the DUBBLE team on 21st March 2016 (missing Wim and Florian)


Back row: Halina, Dip, Aleksei, Alessandro, Dirk and Daniel

Front row: Mrinal, Stephen and Jenny

  • Some of the DUBBLE team on 6th June 2014

 Dubble personnel2.jpeg

News from DUBBLE

DUBBLE-ESRF User Meeting on March 6, 2020


It is our pleasure to announce the first DUBBLE user meeting after the 2019 ESRF shutdown. The meeting will take place at the Palace of Academies in Brussels (Hertogstraat 1, 1000 Brussels), located within walking distance of Brussels Central Station, on March 6, 2020...


Welcome to SyNew 2018


The Dutch-Belgian Synchrotron/Neutron/FEL workshop and Symposium on synchrotron based imaging and spectroscopy


Congratulations Wim!


Wim Bras, who has been project leader of DUBBLE since January 2002, begins his new role as head of the Division for Soft Condensed Matter and Biology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the 29th August.


Congratulations Dr Husn Ubayda Islam!


We are happy to report that Husn has successfully completed her PhD entitled “Formation and electrocatalysis studies of nickel and iron catalysts using in situ XAS”. Congratulations Dr Islam!


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