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web-ESRFNewsDec2019-big.jpgHigh-temperature superconductors are a long-sought 'holy grail', and for due cause: imagine a material that would conduct electricity with zero resistance and allow super-fast electronics, levitating trains and the transport of energy over long distances without loss. Thanks to relentless research in this field and the development of techniques like resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at the ESRF, scientists have observed that certain superconductors exhibit waves and fluctuations of electric charge. Could these waves help make room-temperature superconductivity a reality?

The December issue of ESRFNews also coincides with an important milestone in the advent of EBS with the closing of the accelerator tunnels and the injection of the first beam into the new storage ring. This issue provides special insight into the EBS launch with direct answers from the ESRF's two directors of research, as well as a glance into the activities of the ESRF's accelerator physicists who are preparing for the machine commissioning.

This issue also covers the latest scientific news, a doctoral training programme that matches synchrotron X-ray and neutron research to the needs of European industry, and research using the ESRF's large volume press that suggests a large amount of the Earth's crust has sunk nearly 3000km under the surface due to plate tectonics.

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