Image processing techniques for synchrotron-based X-ray tomography: implementation and new developments

Start Date
29-11-2018 14:30
End Date
29-11-2018 15:30
Room 500 - 501, Central Building
Speaker's name
Nghia VO
Speaker's institute
Diamond Light Source, UK
Contact name
Anaïs Fernandes
Host name
Paul Tafforeau
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Synchrotron-based tomographic systems are bespoke designs. The stability of an X-ray source, the mechanical accuracy of a sample stage, the quality of a detector system, and the capability of computing resources can strongly affect the quality of reconstructed images which users take home. In most cases, hardware-based approaches to quality improvement are impossible or costly. In this talk, I’ll present software-based approaches for not only improving the quality of the reconstructed images but also exploiting the capabilities of a tomographic beamline. There are a number of image processing techniques, which are in-house developed, to be covered in the talk include: distortion correction; PSF deconvolution; sample alignment; stripe artifacts removal; automated determination of center of rotation; phase retrieval; sinogram completion; and correction of sinogram truncation. Tomographic reconstructions utilizing various data acquisition schemes such as time-series, high-speed, or helical fly-scan acquisition is also presented.

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