ESRF-EBS: The blog is launched


The ESRF has launched a blog for the Extremely Brilliant Source, ESRF-EBS, project. The second phase (2015-2022) of the extensive Upgrade Programme initiated by the ESRF in 2009 was recently renamed ESRF-EBS to highlight the main technological challenge of this major renovation programme.

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Now a blog has been created to tell the story of this incredible human adventure that will see the construction and commissioning of the first of a new generation of synchrotrons.

In 2009, the ESRF launched an ambitious and innovative modernisation project – the Upgrade Programme. The first phase of this programme was finalised in 2015.

In May 2015, the ESRF announced the launch of a new first-of-a-kind project, the ESRF-EBS, to completely construct and commission the first of a new generation of synchrotrons. The ESRF-EBS project represents an investment of 150 M€ for the period 2015-2022.

The ESRF will provide a unique facility worldwide to the benefit of fundamental science and industrial research, centred on the exploitation of a synchrotron source with a normalised horizontal emittance a factor 10 smaller than any existing or currently planned project worldwide, and at least a factor 100 more brilliant than present performances.The new storage ring will be constructed using around 90% of the existing infrastructure and measuring 844m in circumference.

The ESRF-EBS project includes also an important instrumentation programme and a “big data” strategy to face the challenges of massive data collection and exploit to the full the new X-ray source.

Meet the BLOG

The ESRF-EBS blog provides a window into the evolution and implementation of the ESRF-EBS accelerator.

Bookmark the link and stay up to date with the latest developments of the Upgrade.


Find out all about ESRF-EBS in THE BLOG.


Top image: The blog picks up the latest news and follows the evolution of the implementation of the ESRF-EBS accelerator programme. Credit: ESRF/D. McBride