ESRF Highlights goes mobile


The ESRF Highlights 2011 is now available in print and electronic formats. For this year, we have prepared convenient new versions for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

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In 2011, the ESRF made good progress with its Upgrade Programme: the start of construction of new buildings, construction and renewal of beamlines and the integration of new technology for the accelerator complex. The 2011 edition of the Highlights begins with an overview of the year including a report on the Upgrade Programme. Subsequently there are over 80 accounts of the most exciting research carried at our beamlines and laboratories by users and staff. Key technological developments are described for both the beamlines and the accelerator and source. Finally, within the facts and figures section, there are details about the company and a report on operation as a user facility.

The Highlights was published in February in printed format, html and pdf. These versions have now been complemented by mobile formats destined for consultation on tablet PC’s, smartphones and electronic book readers. The formats available are epub and mobi. The epub version has been tested on an IPAD and Android based smartphones. Conversion of the file to mobi format was made for devices such as the Kindle. First impressions on testing these mobile versions were positive, even on devices with very small screen sizes: the mobile versions adapt their text and images to the screen of the device making the experience superior to reading either the online version or the pdf. 


All versions of the Highlights are available here: ESRF Highlights 2011