The Upgrade Programme Phase II becomes ESRF-EBS


The ESRF has renamed the second phase of its extensive Upgrade Programme ESRF - EBS, with EBS standing for Extremely Brilliant Source.

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The Upgrade Programme Phase I is centred on the conception and implementation of a new generation of beamlines. The second phase of the Upgrade Programme, launched in 2015, is remarkably different from Phase I. It includes the delivery of the first of a new kind of storage ring based synchrotron source with a normalised horizontal emittance of at least a factor 10 better than any existing or currently planned projects, and at least a factor 100 more brilliant than the ESRF source today. To mark the characteristics of this quite distinctive project, the ESRF Management has decided to highlight this second phase of the ESRF upgrade by choosing a name to emphasise the new project's main deliverable - a new source - and its principal attribute with respect to what is presently available or planned worldwide - Extremely Brilliant.

A blog will be opened soon on the ESRF's website to enable people to follow the evolution of the challenging implementation of the ESRF-EBS programme conducted by the ESRF staff.

Top image: Image/McBride/ESRF