Phase II Prospects for Materials and Chemistry

  Dates:   4 February 2013
  Venue:    ILL Chadwick Amphitheatre
  Organizing Committee:

   Andy Fitch, ESRF
   Tobias Schulli, ESRF
   Roberto Felici, ESRF
   Gavin Vaughan, ESRF
   Veijo Honkimaki, ESRF
   Jorg Zegenhagen, ESRF
   Mark Newton, ESRF
   Marco di Michiel, ESRF

  Administrative Assistants:   Valérie Bergerioux and Fabienne Mengoni, ESRF


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Aim and Scope of the workshop

The workshop will focus on the science that will be possible by the construction of the enhanced-brightness phase-II storage ring with particular emphasis on the areas of materials and chemistry.

Increased brightness and coherence will bring benefits in a number of areas, especially those exploiting the coherent properties of the beam and/or requiring very high spatial resolution, e.g. coherent diffraction imaging, in-situ studies of catalysis, and metallurgy.

Invited experts will give their vision of the science that needs to be done and will become possible as a result of the upgrade, followed by in-depth discussion of the wider possibilities.


Andreas Stierle (DESY Hamburg)
In-situ investigations of nanostructures: from spatial average towards single objects
Ian Robinson (University College London)

Structure of nanoparticles for materials science using coherence

Henning Poulsen (Technical University Of Denmark)
Dark field x-ray microscopy: multiscale material science

Virginie Chamard (Université de Marseille)
X-ray lens-less microscopy - imaging nanostructures: where are we ? why ? what's next ?
Andy Beale (Utrecht University, Debye Institute)

Chemical imaging in real time

Ragnvald Mathiesen (Norwegian University of Science & Technology):
New opportunities in material science - Fast kinetics and dynamic response in mesoscale structures seen with a new source

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