Dates: 4 February 2013: all day
Organizing Committee:


Alexander Rack- ESRF 
Peter Cloetens - ESRF (co-chair)
Marine Cotte - ESRF (co-chair)

Keynote speakers:
Sam Bayat, Université de Picardie Jules Vernes, Amiens France
Pierre Bleuet, CEA, France
Kamel Fezzaa, Advanced Photon Source, ANL, USA
Michael Grunze, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Randolf Hanke, Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
Tim Salditt, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany

Administrative Assistant: Isabelle Combe


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Scope of the Workshop

With Phase I of the Upgrade Programme well underway, the ESRF is currently engaged in the definition of Phase II of the Upgrade Programme. Starting point for the discussions is the proposal for a low-emittance, high-brilliance source employing a new storage ring featuring a new lattice which would allow to boost the brilliance of the source by a factor 30-40. We are inviting all our Users for a series of workshops held in conjunction with the next Users Meeting for discussions of the scientific opportunities such a source would offer. Five workshops will be held on Monday 4 February 2013 preceding the Users Meeting on 5-6 February 2013.

The workshop of the X-ray Imaging Group entitled "X-RAY CINEMATOGRAPHY WITH THE NEW COHERENT SOURCE" aims at describing and discussing the potential of the upgrade in Phase II for time-resolved imaging at all time and length scales. A drastical increase of photon flux at the sample position will be beneficial for the whole spectrum of imaging techniques applied at the ESRF, i.e. scanning and full field methods in two and three dimensions with their combinations of different contrast modalities.

X-ray imaging being widely applicable, the workshop is open for all communities of scientists, with a special emphasize on those who did not consider synchrotron-based imaging in the past due limitations in the time resolution. A talk at the beginning of the workshop will introduce in detail the proposed concept for a new
source by highlighting the possible gain in terms of X-ray beam characteristics. 6 renown invited speakers will present as a starting point for discussions their visions on time-resolved X-ray imaging covering the scientific fields of materials research, soft matter and biology, microelectronics, biomedical imaging, environmental science and chemistry. A large portion of the workshop is foreseen for discussions.


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