We are offering an extended service for a limited number of experiments and mainly put in place for users from countries that have no or very limited access to cryo-electron microscopes. During the current CoVid-19 pandemic, CM01 accepts CoVid-19 related projects from any academic and/or industrial group for the SOS service

This service will start from liquid sample of a macromolecular assembly of which sufficient proof (gel filtration profile, MALLS, SAXS, DLS etc.) is given with respect to homogeneity and monodispersity and will encompass:

  1.       a quality control step using negative staining. In case of acceptable results
  2.       preparation of sample cryo-grids using a Vitrobot followed by
  3.       screening of those grids and in case of success
  4.       collection of a 'small' dataset.

In case step (i.) shows no sufficient result, the experiments stops here. Steps (ii.) and (iii.) are limited to three trials of each representing the preparation of 8 grids and the screening thereof. Step (iv.) is only performed if the screening shows that the grids are of sufficient quality.

Access to this extended service is given through the rolling access scheme and, given the amount of time and experience needed, can only be done on a collaborative basis with the ESRF scientist.

The prescence of a scientist during the experimental time is not needed and results will be displayed using EXI.