ID21 offers a multimodal set of state-of-the-art techniques for micro-spectroscopic analyses in the tender X-ray (2-9.2KeV) and mid-infrared domains.

The scanning X-ray microscope offers sub-micron resolution (0.2×0.7µm²) and ppm detection limits for micro-X-ray fluorescence (µ-XRF) and micro X-ray absorption spectroscopy (µ-XANES). It operates in vacuum and samples can be studied under cryogenic conditions, allowing the study of frozen hydrated biological specimens (cryosectioned tissues). Typical applications are mapping and speciation of nanoparticles and metal pollutants in soils and organic matrices (e.g plants). The full-field XANES end-station is extremely powerful for elemental speciation in samples compatible with the transmission detection mode. It offers large field of view (up to 2mm2) and lateral resolution between 1.5-0.7µm2 resulting in millions of XANES spectra from one specimen. In complement to the above techniques, the µ-XRD branch is now available to perform crystalline phase mapping (1×2 µm2 beam). The µ-Infrared end-station completes the tool box offering molecular group mapping (5-12µm2 beam) (e.g dissolved water concentration in glasses and microstructure of mollusc shells). The synergy of the available techniques offers a unique platform for applications in material and life science.

Scientific Applications

Life science (imaging of trace metals in biological samples, medicine...)

Environmental science (soils, plants, geology with problems of pollution, phytoremediation...)

Cultural Heritage (rediscovering lost artistic processes, understanding alteration mechanisms)

Material science (solar cells, glasses...)