A Vertical Phase Space Beam Position and Emittance Monitor for Synchrotron Radiation

Start Date
13-05-2019 15:00
End Date
13-05-2019 16:30
ESRF Room BEL-1-01
Speaker's name
Xianbo Shi on behalf of Nazanin Samadi
Speaker's institute
Advanced Photon Source, ANL, USA
Contact name
Fabienne Mengoni
Host name
Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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We will report on a system (ps-BPM) that can measure the electron source vertical position and angular motion [1] along with the vertical source size and divergence at a single location in a synchrotron Bending Magnet beamline [2]. The ps-BPM system uses a combination of a monochromator and a filter with a K-edge to which the monochromator is tuned in energy. The vertical distribution of the beam with and without the filter is simultaneously visualized with an imaging detector. The small range of angles from the source onto the monochromator crystals creates an energy range that allows part of the beam to be below the K-edge and the other part above.  Measurement of the beam vertical location without the absorber and edge vertical location with the absorber allows measurement of the source position and angle.

The beam width and edge width give information about the vertical electron source size and angular distribution. The ps-BPM measurements have been made where the electron beam size and angular distribution was adjusted using skew quads. The ps-BPM measurements correlate well with the modeling as well as conventional beam size measurements using a pinhole.



[1] A phase-space beam position monitor for synchrotron radiation. Samadi, N., Bassey, B., Martinson, M., Belev, G., Dallin, L., De Jong, M. & Chapman, D. (2015). J. Synchrotron Rad, 2015. 22(4): p. 946-55.

[2] A Real Time Phase-Space Beam Emittance Monitoring System. Samadi, N., Shi, X., Dallin, L. & Chapman, D. (2019). J. Synchrotron Rad. Accepted.

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