How to start writing and get your research paper done

Start Date
30-04-2019 11:00
Room 1-10, Common Building
Speaker's name
Olga Degtyareva
Speaker's institute
Productivity for Scientists Ltd, UK
Contact name
Sabine Schreiber
Host name
Kristina Kvashnina
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Do you want to write up your research paper but keep getting stuck with it? You are not alone, many researchers struggle with it. Even when we know we should be writing we find it difficult to actually sit down to write. Instead we get ourselves busy with all other things we have on our plate.

When we finally do find time for writing, we struggle to make a start. We worry that we have not read enough, that the supervisor or co-authors won't like it, that it will take too long and that it won't be good enough. And then we don't write. Week after week (and sometimes months and years) go by and that paper is still not written.

Sounds familiar? In this talk I am going to discuss these exact challenges and the strategies to overcome procrastination and to start writing. You'll get the exact step-by-step so that you too can start writing, grow content fast and stay on track until completion.

If you are a supervisor of a student and have been waiting to receive a draft of a paper from them for a while, come to this talk to understand what is causing this delay. This talk will show you what difficulties your students are experiencing and how you can motivate
them to finally write up.

About Olga:
Olga is Productivity Mentor at the Productivity for Scientists Ltd. She helps scientists around the world to overcome procrastination, become more productive and get on top of their priorities. Olga has had a successful research career in science, having studied and worked for 15 years in the area of high-pressure physics and crystallography, including being an ESRF user. She is a recipient of an international prize for her high-pressure physics research and an author and co-author of 38 scientific papers. She is also a mother of three. Olga
shares her experience on "how to manage it all" in her Productivity for Scientists blog (

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