Beauty of science: bovine blood-brain barrier


Bovine blood-brain barrier (BBB) in vitro model 1 h after synchrotron irradiation with a dose of 100 Gy using microbeam radiotherapy (MRT) (microbeam spacing center to center, 411 micrometres, microbeam width, 50 micrometre).

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The capillary endothelial cells are imaged with a fluorescence microscope. Nuclei are stained in blue with DAPI fluorescent dye that binds the DNA. Cell membranes are stained in green with anti-ZO1 tight junction protein antibody. The red signal corresponds to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) detected with anti-gH2AX antibody under microbeam path. Authors: Sukhéna Sarun, ID17-ESRF; William Fauquette and Michel Diserbo, DEBR-IRBA/CRSSA-La Tronche; Roméo Cecchelli, LBHE-Lens.



This article originally appeared in ESRFnews, December 2010. 

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