A princess visits the ESRF


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Princess Sumaya from Jordan, whose name is associated with the Princess Sumaya University of Technology, visited the ESRF on Wednesday 8 December, heading a delegation comprising, in particular, Prof H. Ghassib, President, and Mr A. Awajan, Director of the Business School of this University, and Ms T. Bermamet, from the Jordanian Embassy in Paris.

Princess id23superlow

Princess Sumaya and the delegation listen to the explanations of Didier Nurizzo on ID23.

The ESRF Director General, W.G. Stirling, welcomed the Delegation and made a general presentation of the ESRF, and the Head of the Industrial and Commercial Unit (ICU), M. Rodriguez Castellano, presented our industrial and commercial relations. A guided tour was then organised with the visit of three beamlines: ID24 (S. Pascarelli), ID23 (S. McSweeney and his colleagues) and ID21 (J. Susini). The Jordanian Delegation had the opportunity to see how a synchrotron works and what kind of experiments can be performed, before the installation of the synchrotron SESAME in Jordan. The visit to Grenoble of this University was also motivated by the signature of a cooperation agreement with the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce - Grenoble Ecole de Management.