DANTE – A Digital Pulse Processor to Exploit CUBE Preamplifier Ultimate Energy Resolution and High-Count Rate Capability

Start Date
19-06-2019 11:00
Room 1-10, Common Building
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Luca Bombelli
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Sabine Schreiber
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The possibility of fast X‐ray fluorescence (XRF) imaging using on‐the‐fly acquisition is very attractive due to its high acquisition speed. The underlying assumption is that there must be a meaningful flux of XRF emitted photons collected by the detectors. On‐the‐fly XRF has already been demonstrated at mid‐to‐high X‐ray energies, both for laboratory and synchrotron‐based instruments.

In this manuscript, we report on the capability of DANTE digital pulse processor (DPP) in the soft X‐ray regime. DANTE is a novel compact and low‐power DPP with high energy resolution and high count rate. This work presents preliminary measurements performed at the TwinMic beamline at Elettra synchrotron (Trieste, Italy) addressing the feasibility of on‐the‐fly low energy XRF imaging.

The DANTE digital pulse processor electronics [1] in its version with eight channels [2] is presented.
[1] https://www.xglab.it/dpp-digital-pulse-processor.shtml
[2] https://doi.org/10.1002/xrs.2998

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